We feature Sri Lanka's top hotels, villas and rustic accommodation. Is luxury a "must" in your demands? Is it your aim to enjoy the best in comfort in Sri Lanka? We are a specialist Sri Lanka tour operator, offering luxury hotels, resorts & villas accommodation, family vacations & honeymoon packages, adventure safari & family holidays in sri lanka
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Sri Lanka is the oldest continually Buddhist country, Theravada Buddhism being the major religion in the island since its official introduction in the 2nd century BC by Venerable Mahinda, the son of the Emperor Ashoka of India during the reign of King Devanampiya- Tissa. To explore the ancinet places in Sri Lanka you can join with us. We have the suitable package for you.
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Its small world and Maldives is well connected who knows better than your holiday partner in Maldives. We can issue the cheapest ticket from our GDS system and get you to Maldives and back home efficiently and cost We can arrange the entire holiday with precise timing. All in order so no waste of time and money.
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SRI LANKA WEDDING TOURS -We provide Turnkey solutions in getting married in Srilanka. We are locally based registered authorized well established DMC/wedding planers operating for six years. Fulfilling the foreign loving couples dream desires to get married in Sri lanka in Style. You have a wish we will make it happened. If you are looking for simplicity/minimalist or bizarre themed party wedding in Srilanka ? Yes we have done it and in all parts of Sri lanka.
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Holiday in Sri lanka is a haven for fun and relaxation. A MICE paradise with many elegant hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. MICE Holiday activities are springing up all over Srilanka . Tour Srilanka, the cooler greener hills of the interior are perfect for a quiet MICE holiday. Historical attractions, natural wonders and wildlife spectacles are in plenty. Srilanka s capital City, Colombo is fast becoming a hub of art, culture and entertainment.
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A cycling holiday in Sri Lanka is a great way to see the country. Experience Srilanka along the lesser known routes. Challenging and skill full rides on the gravel and red dirt paths while crossing streams and reservoirs. Stop at " Gamey Kade ' (Village tea shop) to take a break. Relax your mussel under a huge "Naa" tree with significant of some worshiping rituals and beliefs.
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For Secure, Faster and Easy way to book Hotels in Sri Lanka. Instant confirmation on your bookings. IPG powered by Sampath Bank Sri Lanka. You can use VISA and Master cards to book your hotel. Log now and see the difference. We have got more than 100 hotels in our directory. Luxury Hotels, Boutique Hotels , Budget Hotels, you name's there.
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“It’s My School” CSR initiative by M & S Travel Solutions ( PVT) Limited. Our main focus is to help the underprivileged rural schools. Uplift the standards for the children to perform better in Education, Sports & Extra Curricular activities.
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We do sports tours in Sri Lanka.


For Secure, Faster and Easy way to book Hotels in Sri Lanka. Instant confirmation on your bookings. IPG powered by Sampath Bank Sri Lanka. You can use VISA and Master cards to book your hotel.
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Halal Tours Sri Lanka

Here at we’re bringing the romance of voyaging to ancient Serendipity and Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka to the Muslim traveller. Srilanka halal tours create bespoke travel itineraries designed around your lifestyle, your loves, and the things that make you weak at the knees a little whilst keeping your halal existence at the forefront of your travels.
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Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna, and many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favorite destinations. 426 bird species have been seen in Sri Lanka, and 33 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka. A 12 to 14 day tour of the srilanka island will give about 225 species, if the visitor is with the right person who knows his birdcalls and the places.
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Our well-planned eye-opening tours provide an active immersion into local cultures, languages, scenery and more.By combining personalised service our travel/holiday philosophy continues to excite, enthuse, and positively impact every guest. With us you are entitle for Srilankan tourism experience while been “ Responsible Travel ”. We are a team of local experienced tour professionals. Directly and indirectly, your travel with our endeavors will truly valued by the locals.