M&S Travel Solutions Sri Lanka

A story we like to relate…A legend we like to remain. A legacy that we like leave.

M&S Travel Solutions endeavours to offer ultimate exotic island Experience. Catering to an array of specialized " Niche ”experience tour operator since 2008,M&S provide the ultimate authentic, unique ,exciting and adventure experiences in Sri Lanka.

Our well-planned eye-opening tours provide an active immersion into local cultures, languages, scenery and, of course, the most delicious of foods. By combining legendary service and rare opportunities for cultural experiences, our travel philosophy continues to excite, enthuse, and positively impact every guest. Take a look at our guestbook if you don't believe us!

M&S staff and all of our professionally licensed multi-lingual tour guides are passionate about creating the best possible experiences, with fun, creativity, and total dedication to satisfaction.

We're always Striving towards making your tour perfect so you can witness the ultimate exotic Island Experience.

M & S

“ Ultimate Exotic Island Experience ”